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Style: Natural
Strip band: Black
Material: High quality 3D faux mink fibers
Description: A voluminous set of lashes that complements the natural beauty of your lashes. Allow heads to turn because you know you’re bold and beautiful.
Wear: 20-25 times with proper care

Every set of Seyma Les Yeux includes:
• One pair of invisible magnetic lashes

Expert advice: Begin applying your lashes from the center of your lash line by gently pressing down and working your way towards securing the outer corner followed by the inner corner of the eye.

Why Choose Seyma Les Yeux?

Our invisible magnetic lashes have been formulated to be very lightweight on the eye while providing the stronghold that has become synonymous with magnetic lashes. Our Les Yeux lash band consists of magnets within the band all along the length of the lash. The outcome is a lash that is concealed of any magnets. Say goodbye to messy glues, difficult magnetic alignment, and the need for anchors. Application and removal are as easy as 1-2-3! Try our 2-in-1 Magic Liner in black for the perfect winged eyeliner to pair with our lashes. Not comfortable doing a winged eyeliner? Not a problem! Our 2-in-1 Magic Liner also comes in clear for those who aren’t the most comfortable with their eyeliner techniques. Allow our lashes to do all of the talking as they enhance the natural beauty of your eyes.

For application and removal instructions, click here.

Recommendation: Les Yeux 2-in-1 Magic Liner

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