Les Yeux 2-in-1 Magic Liner

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A magic eyeliner that can be applied as a liquid eyeliner, but has the dual benefit of functioning as both a magnetic eyeliner and an adhesive eyeliner. Gone are the days of messy glues and fussy magnets. Achieve the winged eyeliner with our black eyeliner if dramatic is your thing. Our clear liner is ideal for those who who dread the artistic flair required of a winged eyeliner and prefer a more subtle look.
Special features:

• lightweight
• latex-free
• waterproof
• smudge-proof
• extra strong hold
Wear time: up to 24 hours
Applications: 60-70

Expert Advice: Our 2-in-1 Magic Liner can easily be removed by micellar water or any eye makeup remover of your choice.

Style: Black